One of our most powerful and quick-acting combinations, this one features a predominance of indica. It is a top treatment for the overnight that can produce a heavy body sensation in addition to relief from discomfort, insomnia, and lack of appetite. With overtones of earthy pine and a floral sweetness, it is a top medicine for the nighttime. The best place to buy og rove carts online. We are proud to present our favorite strains from our top cultivation partners

The original OG Kush was created in Florida in the middle of the 1990s by crossing a strain that originated in Northern California with a Hindu Kush plant that originated in Amsterdam. The result was a half-and-half strain with a terpene profile that is completely unique and had an odour that is beyond description. Also, notes of fuel, stench, and flavour.

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In addition to this, the genetic backbone of cannabis varieties grown on the West Coast. It was in 1996 when Matt “Bubba” Berger imported OG Kush to Los Angeles (together with “The Bubba,” which would subsequently be used to create the popular Bubba Kush). OG Kush was delivered along with “The Bubba.” From the Sunshine State to the amazing cultivator Josh D. Additionally, from that time forward, OG Kush has developed into a fundamental component of the whole. As a result, it is also utilised in the production of a variety of well-known strains, such as GSC and Headband. There are several different phenotypes of OG Kush, such as Ghost OG, SFV OG, and Tahoe OG.

Last but not least, we produce our superior oil using only naturally occurring blooms. And, extracted using the most environmentally friendly method currently available, liquid carbon dioxide. In addition to our serious obligation to incorporate customer feedback into product development. In addition to stringent criteria for quality control, this process ensures that the final product has an outstanding flavour and remains consistent.

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