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This authentic West Coast blend is mostly compose of sativa. As it was developed from plants that were grown at high elevations in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It immediately coats the tongue with a luscious blend consisting primarily of lemony and tropical flavours. Its cerebral high delivers a high level of energy as well as a creative buzz, and it is bolstered by earthy undertones. That will definitely bring out the best in a bright and beautiful day in California. Are you looking to buy rove carts online UK ? then you are at the right place. Get a rove weed pen or rove extracts from us today

In addition, the legendary Haze sativa strain was initially propagated in Santa Cruz, California, in the 1960s. This region’s extended growing seasons were ideal for the strain’s protracted flowering phase. Since that time, Haze has been the proud parent of an incalculable number of hybrids all across the world. Passing on its  rove weed pen DNA from Colombia. Mexico, Thailand, and South India.

Although those that grow Haze have to be patient and wait for the flowers to reach full maturity before harvesting them. In addition, the high-energy and creative buzz that this strain delivers is matched by very few other strains. The aroma of Haze is often described as having a spicy scent that is complemented by undertones of citrus and an earthy, sweet aroma.

Lastly, you may buy rove carts online, and Rove is pleased to showcase our favourite strains that have been grown by our leading cultivation partners. We are ecstatic to be able to provide you with a cannabis experience that is absolutely unparalleled. And a cannabis oil that has a high potency, is derive from a single source. Is extract from the complete plant, and retains its natural full spectrum of terpenes from the leading growers in our state.

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  1. Rove was suggested to me by a few friends. I am very pleased with Rove store prices and I received my order So Quickly.

  2. great product, no follow up through the delivery process just one afternoon it showed up

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